Everything You Need to Know about Etizolam

Whether you intend to use etizolam for its medicinal properties or for recreational purposes, it is important to familiarize yourself with a few things about the drug. This will help to ensure that you avoid any adverse effects that the drug can have on your health.


Understanding Etizolam

Simply put, etizolam is a pharmaceutical drug that is used to treat a host of diseases including anxiety and panic disorders. As much as a good number of people may not know of the drug, its potential for abuse makes it dangerous. Moreover, most standard drug tests do not detect etizolam easily. The drug is available in the market under different brand names depending on the pharmaceutical company that manufactures it.

What it is used for

Just like other drugs in the same family of chemicals, etizolam can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and treat panic disorder. Some of the direct effects for which this drug is administered include providing a feeling of relaxation and dealing with insomnia. When genuine products are used in the recommended doses, the drug can also help to alleviate pain and lessen your inhibitions.


It is important to be aware of the legal status of this drug to avoid running afoul of the law. In the United States, federal laws allow for the distribution, sale, possession and use of the drug. However, there are a number of states in which possession and use of etizolam is banned. In these states, the use of the drug is restricted to research purposes.

Overdose, addiction and abuse

There is no doubt that etizolam presents a number of health hazards. When takes with depressants or in extremely high quantities, there is a likelihood of overdosing on the drug. If the problem is not treated properly and in good time, an overdose can result in addiction, brain injury, coma or even death.

While the drug can be used to treat several health disorders, there are some people who misuse it. However, frequent recreational use of etizolam to produce a high can have serious effects on the health of the user. Since abusing the drug can cause organ failure, medically assisted detox and drug rehab are recommended for individuals who become dependent on the chemical compound.

Routes of administration

In most cases, etizolam is administered orally, can be applied under the tongue or through the rectum. If you are to enjoy the medical benefits of the drug, it would be important to listen to your doctor and obtain a prescription.

In the end, with the potency of etizolam and the dangers associated with abusing the drug, it is important to consult your doctor before using it. It is also advisable to seek medical help in the event of addiction or an overdose.