Did you know that it is illegal to buy modafinil without a doctor’s prescription in some countries? Well although the rules for using these prescriptions differ from one state to the other, it is essential you know that some states do prohibit the unnecessary use of the medicines due to the many side effects it has and therefore taking it without the doctor’s authority is termed to be drug abuse. Modafinilonline.org is best soruce to learn all about it.

If you plan to buy the medicines online, here are some essential tips to guide you in choosing the best online modafinil vendors to buy from.

  • The reliability.

It is quite hard to identify if a company is truly reliable or not especially if it is your first time to buy any form of medicines online. But one thing to keep in mind is that modafinil is not only sold by people who are certified. Therefore, check the background of the vendors and see if they are certified or they are imposters. You can look at the customers’ comments to see how they have commented regarding their experiences when they bought from the vendor. Also, check the history of the vendor and how long they have been operating online. This information helps you to gauge if the vendor is genuine or you will need to look for another one.

  • Shipping time.

You don’t need to buy your medication from a vendor that will take months before they do the shipping. So, check out the listed number of days that the company takes before they ship their goods to their customers. Majority of online vendors indicate such information below the page or somewhere on the top of the page. So, check out to see if the date will be convenient for you or not.

  • The cost.

This is another excellent tip that can help you determine if you are buying from a credible vendor or not. The price may determine the quality of the medicines but at the same time, it should not be overcharged. So, ensure the prices set by that particular vendor are reasonable and also ensure that that the medicine is of quality as well. Read the product reviews to see if the medicine is good quality or it has unknown ingredients in the description.

  • The vendor’s terms and conditions.

Every online vendor has different terms and conditions that they expect the buyers to fulfill in order for the delivery to be complete and successful. Some vendors may require you to pay shipping fee while others may offer free delivery. Also, some vendors require you to pay before delivery while others are okay with the buyer paying after delivery. So, choose a vendor who has most suitable terms and conditions.


If you want an online vendor who will supply you modafinil medication without any issues, use the above tips to help you select the best vendor to work with.