Securitas Epay refers to a website that allows individuals to check their payroll data. the data included includes the individuals pay as well as rewards if any. Individuals have the opportunity to discover and manage their online records fast and with ease. Getting your pay in the United States is not only easier but also environmentally friendly as they seek to support going Green through lessening the use of paper. The paper that many companies are using to write checks and seal them in envelopes. Those supporting the goals and objectives of Securitas Epay will register with them.

How to access Securitas epay

There are two major ways of accessing Securitas Epay. You can do this online or through your phone. Depending on which device you are using, the following is a simple guide on how access Epay while on the different media.

  1. Online

When online you need to first access the website. Keep in mind that this requires that you must have had an account with them. Once you have these, you can follow the following simple steps.

l Login to your account

l Enter individual social security number

l Enter personal PIN. Your PIN (default PIN) is also your date of birth and it should be entered in the month/day/year format.

l When prompted, change your PIN. The requirements for your PIN are that it should be between 8 – 16 digits with all of them taking numerical digits.

l You will be able to select an option between pay-stub review, Income Verification, and Personal information

When you are online, these simplified steps will allow you to manage your pay with ease without the hassle of storing paperwork which can be easy to damage or loose.


  1. On Phone

In the event you prefer using your phone, it can be a little demanding and time consuming as opposed to going online but the steps are also simple as well as efficient.

l Call their number: 866-604-3729

l Allow access into your account by login-in

l Provide your social security number

l Provide your pin. For first time access, the default PIN is your date of birth. This should come in the order (MMDDYY).

l Change the default PIN ensuring that you meet the basic regulations. The PIN must be between 8 and 16 digits all of which, must be in numerals only.

l You will be able to select and option which include:

– Press 1 to obtain your pay stub or fax copy

– Press 4 to check status of your fax request

– Press 5 to change your PIN

– Press # to repeat the menu

– Press * to end call

– Press 0 to speak to a representative

The above is the Epay login guide made easy for you. Support the Going Green goal and objective to help sustain the environment with Securitas Epay.