Kratom Tea – Recipe & Effects

Enjoy your Kratom! Drink tea!

There are as many ways to use Kratom as one can think of, but making a tea out of it is probably the most enjoyable of all! Imagine you get home from an exhausting day at work, prepare a nice hot cup of Kratom tea, sit down and enjoy your tea and the relaxing effects the teas alkaloids can offer you while watching the sunset! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Well, there are a lot of benefits you can receive drinking Kratom tea:

  • It is quite easy to make
  • You can reduce the bitter taste by adding sugar or sweet syrups
  • It is an enjoyable procedure
  • It offers you great effects as the alkaloids are released into the hot water


The truth behind Kratom tea recipes is that in every recipe you just make your regular tea, the only thing that differs is that you add various flavorings to kill the bitter taste.

The recipe for preparing your regular tea:

You will need no more than your favorite powder, water, and a strainer.

  • First, you boil your water as for your regular tea
  • Measure the dose of the powder you are intending to use
  • When the water comes to a boil add the powder you have measured and lower the heat
  • Let the mixture simmer for like 10-15 minutes in low heat
  • When the color begins to darken (orange o deep yellow color) that means your tea is ready
  • Strain the tea through a strainer
  • Enjoy!

This is the recipe that is considered a traditional, and maybe the only one to do when it comes to tea. As for flavoring, it is recommended to add lemon or lime; this will not only add flavor to your tea but also will lead to releasing more alkaloids into the tea from the powder. If the taste is way too bitter for you ye can add any syrup or just add sugar to make it sweeter.

Another great idea that users recommend doing is to create tea bags, so it will tea easier for you to use it!

Effects and doses

The effects of the Kratom tea can be regulated, as you measure how much powder you put in the tea. Nevertheless, you must take into account that drinking tea may have stronger effects that, let’s say, ingesting it with the toss and wash methods, as the tea making process creates a quite high concentration of alkaloid. For this reason, the doses must start from 2-5gr powder for beginners. For more advanced users it can be 10-12gr (the dose for long users is individual. Depending on the strain you take you can experience more sedating and pain-relieving effects (all red vein strains) or a more energetic fell (White and Green Malay strains).

Side effects

The side effects of the tea may not be as strong as other methods (tinctures, fresh leaves etc) because the dose is mostly controlled by the user. Although, if the user is a beginner or has put more powder in the tea that can handle, then the side effects may be opiate-like:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Disorientation
  • Elevated heartbeat

These are the most common side-effects and they depend mostly on the dose you use, so be wary with that!

Stimulating and relaxing, the perfect analgesic painkiller and full of alkaloids that keep the body running like a supple oiled machine, Kratom is the ultimate comfort in a stressful world.

Few people know that Asians have enjoyed the properties of kratom leaves for centuries.

Some companies use kratom a psychedelic herb, and this can lead to an overdose of a perfectly balanced herb.

Abuse like a harsh drug often ruins the harmonic sensation that kratom can bring, and the effects can be catastrophic.

A slight overdose may occur as a dry mouth, increased urination, constipation and loss of appetite.

Regular overdose may cause dark pigmentation of the face and withdrawal from the body if abruptly discontinued.

These symptoms may entail irritability, diarrhea, jerky movements, muscle aches, crying, and runny nose.

Kratom capsule cures upsets of the stomach, lowering blood pressure, worming and improving overall mood.

Knowing the right dosage, not kratom, can help you live a healthier, happier, and more productive life.

Many are choosing to buy Kratom capsules because it is easier to control the dosage of incorrectly dosed pill form. If you use Kratom for the first time, it is less useful.

Slowly develop your level of comfort and get maximum benefits.

A proper dosage would be 2-4 capsules, each containing 500-600 milligrams of kratom.

If you think this can be increased by overdose, add one more tablet each day.

If you want to make a pot of tea, use a ½ ounce or 15 grams of dried, crushed kratom leaves or powder. Slowly cook in ½ liter of water for 15 minutes.

Strain and repeat the process with the leaves and fresh water until the leaves are exhausted.

Kratom tea can be kept in the refrigerator for 5-7 days.

The taste of kratom capsules is not appealing to many, as it is sturdy and precise in flavor, but this is an excellent energy enhancer.

But choose kratom, remember that moderation is the key.

It can be funny to exaggerate to get a quick hallucinating feeling where your eyes are caressing, and the world is spinning. However, this is not the only thing that starts to turn. Nausea can be fast, as with any drug, drink or diet that is too much for the body.

Before you order Kratom powder, make sure you know the potency. Often, explosives can be much stronger than the leaf. If you are not careful, you may not get what you expected. In most cases, however, the extra potency is a fantastic advantage. Especially in pain therapy, the stronger Kratompulver is an incredible advantage. Large amounts of kratom powder can be intensified in the capsules, and a variety of strains can be handled in the same manner.

One of the newest strains to gain widespread popularity in the Kratom market over the last few years is the green Vietnam Kratom. However, this Kratom strain is far from new. Vietnam has been farming Kratom in a broad range of her regions for thousands of years, but it is only recently that the country started exporting its Kratom in large scale. Vietnam boasts fertile soils and favorable climatic conditions that allow the Kratom trees to thrive.

Vietnam Kratom strains have about 25 percent more alkaloids compared to other strains grown in Borneo Islands. The green Kratom strain has experienced a tremendous demand among Kratom users due to its ability to offer a unique set of health benefits. Similar to other products in the Kratom family, this strain is deployed to the market in different forms such as powder and capsules.

What Benefits Can You Draw from Green Vietnam Kratom? 

  • An Artificial Stimulant

If you want to experience a temporary high, then this Vietnam Kratom strain is an ideal option for you. This strain will offer the stimulation you need after a tiresome day of work. Many users love this strain due to its effective stimulus.

  • Brain Booster

If you want to improve your alertness and memory, you should choose this green Kratom strain. Taking the correct dose of this product regularly can protect you from mental problems.


  • An Ideal Pain Reliever

Nothing causes a lot of discomfort than body pain, especially muscle and joint aches. If you leave body pains untreated for a long time, they can affect your ability to walk as well as the sitting posture. The Kratom strain provides a reliable healing solution to all kinds of body pain.

  • Relieves Stress and Depression

Individuals suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety can benefit a lot from this Kratom stain. The medicinal compounds available in this product will create favorable conditions for the brain to relax. This relaxation will get rid of stress-related disorders. For quality results, strictly adhere to the dose recommended by a competent Kratom practitioner.

  • A Perfect Energy Booster

Green Kratom serves as a reliable energy-enhancing supplement for many people across the globe. If you enjoy working out or engaging in various sporting activities, the green Kratom will come in handy. Consider taking a dose at least an hour before engaging in the strenuous physical activity.

Usage and Dosage Guidelines 

The recommended dosage of this green Kratom ranges from 2 to 8 grams per day. However, new users should begin with 2 grams per day to give the body enough time to adapt to the product before escalating the dosage amount.

Nowadays, people are leveraging natural ways to solve their health problems, and the green Vietnam Kratom is an ideal healing solution for many body pains. Its demand and popularity are growing dramatically in various parts of the world. To maximize the benefits of this Kratom strain, consider seeking the help of an experienced health practitioner to guide you on the usage.

Red vein Kratom is the most harvested and has the highest market share among Kratom strains, and it performs so well that even when the performance of the green and white vein in the market can’t even come close, making it the highly used strain of the Kratom family. The Red Veins Kratom is obtained from Mitragyna Speciosa trees leaves that have red veins and stem. The existence of this tree in various regions of Southeast Asia leads to the availability of red vein in multiple varieties based on these regions of Thai, Indonesia, Borneo, and Malaysia. This means that the red vein availability in the market is guaranteed and in variety. You will find out that the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, where all of the Kratom strains are obtained from, have leaves which have different vein color of red, white or green hence the names for this matter being indicative of the vein color of the leave used.

This strain has been highly recommended for beginners as they are known for giving a dramatic calming effect on the consumers. You are invited to scroll down through this article and be informed of the primary consequences of the red vein as described by users. But before that, it’s important to note that not all the red veins variety will have the same effect. Some of the strains may have superior results which may even bypass these effects. These effects are;

Pain healer

One of the effects that have made almost all the brands of the red vein popular is their ability to alleviate pain. It was noted that most people opted for this strain when in pain. And for those of you who are suffering from muscle and joint pains, chronic body aches, back pains, etc. it’s time to try this strain.

Unmatched relaxation and sedation effects

This strain variety will surely give you the best relaxing moments after a hard day in office. The strains have also been reported to be a good muscle relaxer.

Euphoric and positive mood enhancer effects

No one hates good moments, and more so, no one hates to be happy. This strain will wipe out your boredom and give you happiness in return. Try it but limit your dosage to 8-10grams otherwise, you might be doing an overdose which may affect you negatively. E.g., the Red Vein Sumatra or Red Bali.

It Heals Insomnia

People have used it to treat their insomnia habits, and they forever remained grateful to the red vine. If you are experiencing sleeping challenges, try it, and you too will be grateful. If in search of this effect go for Red Maeng Da or Red Bali.

Red vein Kratom has also been described as a practical solution to alleviate withdrawal symptoms experienced by opiate addicts. Just go for a verity like Red Thai

The above are the primary effects, and the examples given are the brands of red veins with those superior effects.

Bali Kratom is possibly the most well-known and popular strain of Kratom. Probably originated from the Rifat strain, Bali Kratom is regularly the typical Kratom by which other types of Kratom are judged. It has a smooth balance of various aspects of Kratom, being very efficiently uplifting as well as pain relieving. The questions most people ask themselves is why so many people love this Kratom.

The Benefits of Effects of Bali Kratom

Bali Kratom has several benefits, it can be stimulating when taken at lower doses, while it can be relaxing if taken at high doses. Various strains possess these traits; however, the qualities offered by Bali Kratom are phenomenal. It may not maintain the long-lasting and notorious feeling provided by Maeng Da and Thai strains, but it does give the option to feel how one wants to think with every dose.

If you are a first-timer with Kratom or needs an energizing and sedating effect, Bali Kratom is probably the ideal strain to select. Also, if you feel fatigued and slow after a long day’s work, consume a small dose and feel the energy that comes with the Kratom. The Kratom can also help one to relieve pain and stress. It can be attained by increasing the dose and then relaxing to the pain-relieving and calming effect of this amazing herb.

How to Take Bali Kratom

Just like other Kratom strain, Bali Kratom is available in several ways. It is good to note that everybody has his or her preference when it comes to consuming drugs, and Kratom is essential since there are several ways to take this beautiful plant.

The first method is Bali Kratom Capsules. Capsules is an essential way, to begin with, this medicine. Several firms offer capsules since dosing maybe confusing to starters. The capsule is typically a vegetable capsule where several herbal components originate from. Different organizations have different recommendations for their pills. But be assured that you will get a good recommendation.

Another form in which Bali Kratom can be consumed is via Bali Kratom Powder. In most cases, Kratom is sold as a powder. It can be swallowed in several ways including mixing it with foods and drinks. It can also be added to the protein shake, smoothie or even drinking water for those who do not mind the taste. Another method is where you put the desired dose in the mouth and then rapidly drink a beverage to wash the substance down.

Lastly, another useful method is the Bali Kratom Tea. In the recent years, Kratom Tea has become a part of the broad society. Making tea with Bali Kratom is a walk in the park, and numerous people love taking the strain this way. All that is required is choosing the right dosage and pour it into the boiling water, put your tea bags and let it boil for over twenty minutes. You can also strain if need be. Several people are into the raw taste of Kratom, and they thus favor the tea methodology of ingestion.

Green vein kratom is a type of herb that is grown in some parts of the world like Asia. The strain has been used in existence for a while and it is also used for various health benefits. Also, it is essential to note that the strain can be consumed in the form of dose or powder.

What are the top benefits of green vein kratom?

Relieves pain.

In most cases, the green vein strains has been compared to the red kratom regarding their effects in relieving pains and the general effects. Well, one thing for sure is that when it comes to the pain-relieving effect, red kratom is more potent as compared to the green vein kratom. But, the majority of people prefer the green vein kratom since it is less sedative and does not have many side effects as compared to the red vein kratom. Therefore it is suitable for taking even during the day since it will not interfere with your normal job schedules.

Improves and enhances cognitive.

This is another great benefit associated with the use of this magnificent strain. If you have a problem with your memory or you are having a problem focusing, the strain is recommended for boosting both the memory and the focus. First off, the green vein kratom has no sedative effects which means that even after long consumption, it will not interfere with your normal brain functioning. But, it is advisable that you consult with your doctor regarding the right dosage to take for boosting both the memory and your focus.

Long lasting effects.

This is another reason that makes this kind of strain to be preferred over the white and the red strain. The green vein kratom gives a long lasting effect which can last you up to 12 hours in a day since it takes less time to break down and be absorbed in the body. This causes the strain to be administered in the bloodstream in small dosage thus making it last for long.

Stimulate and boosts the mood.

If you feel down or un energized then you can take green vein kratom to boost and stimulate your senses and boost your moods. Also, the fact that the strain does not have any sedating effects makes it ideal for stimulating the brains.

Acts as an antidepressant.

The green vein kratom is recommended for people with depression since it works by calming their nerves and reducing the stress and anxiety related to depression.


Green vein kratom is a powerful herb that is ideal for the majority of people since it does not have much side effects. But it is recommended that you consult a doctor so he or she can advise you on the right dosage to take for better health results.

Did you know that it is illegal to buy modafinil without a doctor’s prescription in some countries? Well although the rules for using these prescriptions differ from one state to the other, it is essential you know that some states do prohibit the unnecessary use of the medicines due to the many side effects it has and therefore taking it without the doctor’s authority is termed to be drug abuse. is best soruce to learn all about it.

If you plan to buy the medicines online, here are some essential tips to guide you in choosing the best online modafinil vendors to buy from.

  • The reliability.

It is quite hard to identify if a company is truly reliable or not especially if it is your first time to buy any form of medicines online. But one thing to keep in mind is that modafinil is not only sold by people who are certified. Therefore, check the background of the vendors and see if they are certified or they are imposters. You can look at the customers’ comments to see how they have commented regarding their experiences when they bought from the vendor. Also, check the history of the vendor and how long they have been operating online. This information helps you to gauge if the vendor is genuine or you will need to look for another one.

  • Shipping time.

You don’t need to buy your medication from a vendor that will take months before they do the shipping. So, check out the listed number of days that the company takes before they ship their goods to their customers. Majority of online vendors indicate such information below the page or somewhere on the top of the page. So, check out to see if the date will be convenient for you or not.

  • The cost.

This is another excellent tip that can help you determine if you are buying from a credible vendor or not. The price may determine the quality of the medicines but at the same time, it should not be overcharged. So, ensure the prices set by that particular vendor are reasonable and also ensure that that the medicine is of quality as well. Read the product reviews to see if the medicine is good quality or it has unknown ingredients in the description.

  • The vendor’s terms and conditions.

Every online vendor has different terms and conditions that they expect the buyers to fulfill in order for the delivery to be complete and successful. Some vendors may require you to pay shipping fee while others may offer free delivery. Also, some vendors require you to pay before delivery while others are okay with the buyer paying after delivery. So, choose a vendor who has most suitable terms and conditions.


If you want an online vendor who will supply you modafinil medication without any issues, use the above tips to help you select the best vendor to work with.



Whether you intend to use etizolam for its medicinal properties or for recreational purposes, it is important to familiarize yourself with a few things about the drug. This will help to ensure that you avoid any adverse effects that the drug can have on your health.

Understanding Etizolam

Simply put, etizolam is a pharmaceutical drug that is used to treat a host of diseases including anxiety and panic disorders. As much as a good number of people may not know of the drug, its potential for abuse makes it dangerous. Moreover, most standard drug tests do not detect etizolam easily. The drug is available in the market under different brand names depending on the pharmaceutical company that manufactures it.

What it is used for

Just like other drugs in the same family of chemicals, etizolam can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and treat panic disorder. Some of the direct effects for which this drug is administered include providing a feeling of relaxation and dealing with insomnia. When genuine products are used in the recommended doses, the drug can also help to alleviate pain and lessen your inhibitions.


It is important to be aware of the legal status of this drug to avoid running afoul of the law. In the United States, federal laws allow for the distribution, sale, possession and use of the drug. However, there are a number of states in which possession and use of etizolam is banned. In these states, the use of the drug is restricted to research purposes.

Overdose, addiction and abuse

There is no doubt that etizolam presents a number of health hazards. When takes with depressants or in extremely high quantities, there is a likelihood of overdosing on the drug. If the problem is not treated properly and in good time, an overdose can result in addiction, brain injury, coma or even death.

While the drug can be used to treat several health disorders, there are some people who misuse it. However, frequent recreational use of etizolam to produce a high can have serious effects on the health of the user. Since abusing the drug can cause organ failure, medically assisted detox and drug rehab are recommended for individuals who become dependent on the chemical compound.

Routes of administration

In most cases, etizolam is administered orally, can be applied under the tongue or through the rectum. If you are to enjoy the medical benefits of the drug, it would be important to listen to your doctor and obtain a prescription.

In the end, with the potency of etizolam and the dangers associated with abusing the drug, it is important to consult your doctor before using it. It is also advisable to seek medical help in the event of addiction or an overdose.

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